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Accumulation carousels for plastic moulded parts

Storage carousels for loading plastic parts in various types of containers

Accumulation carousels


Galvanized sheet metal storage carousel for automatic loading of moulded pieces in bags.

Equipped with control unit for the control of rotation with connection to the machine (robot) or independent.

Maximum number of boxes/bags: 12. 

Accumulation carousels


Version for galvanized sheet metal storage carousel boxes, suitable for automatic loading of moulded plastic parts.

Accumulation carousels

C 500

Stainless steel device for rotational distribution on boxes with a capacity of 360° up to a maximum of 24 partitions. Dimensions w.

Accumulation carousels


Vertical storage system for double-deck boxes with side lift.

Also available in Multi-level, Linear and Parallel versions. 

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