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Dryers and dehumidifiers for plastic granules

F.lli Virginio Srl produces dryers (for non hygroscopic materials) and dehumidifiers (for hygroscopic materials).

Dryers and dehumidifiers

DH 30-55-100-150-300

Stainless steel hot air dryers for non hygroscopic material, equipped with electronic thermostat with display.

Installed directly above the machine or on a trolley with wheels, they are complete with hinged cover and an insulated valve for material discharge and feeder connection pipe. 

Dryers and dehumidifiers

DEU 10-20-30-40-50

Sieves type dehumidifiers for small and medium production, with stainless steel hopper complete with suction valve.

Indispensable for hygroscopic materials and for materials that require a very low moisture residual before processing.

In addition to individual applications, centralized dehumidification plants can also be realized. 

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