Tailor-made solutions, machines and systems for industrial handling.

We build internal transport systems, conveyor belts, automations and accessories for plastic moulding processes with complete working islands. We are an Italian company with over forty years of experience.

The range of F.lli Virginio machines completes the processing cycle: from the feeding of the raw material, to the dosing in the hopper, to the recovery of finished parts and to the recycling of the sprues. The variety of products offered allows to provide solutions to problems related to other sectors, such as blowing, screen printing, packaging and recycling of the material.


F.lli Virginio has a modern research and development department dedicated to the development of increasingly efficient and performing equipment; In addition, it provides its customers with a service department that works constantly in contact with companies that operate in the moulding and processing of plastics. Our know-how and experience have enabled us to design and manufacture innovative, reliable, versatile and easy-to-use products.

All the machines produced are accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity to the European Community regulations concerning the industrial machinery and the mandatory safety and prevention devices. 

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