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Shredders and granulators for plastics

F.lli Virginio designs and manufactures machinery for shredding and granulation, dedicated to the industrial processes of plastic processing in the most different sectors: medical, components, packaging, design…

Shredders and granulators

GV 270/180 – 270/300 – 270/430

Granulators GV 270/180, GV 270/300 and GV270/430 with direct transmission at low rpm designed for in-line application with injection or blow moulding machines.
Particularly versatile, these plastic granulators are suitable for working both the strongest materials and the thinnest scraps.

Available in low or raised version, with horizontal or vertical screw.
Possibility of unloading material on collection bin or bag. 

Shredders and granulators

GV 200/420

Granulators designed for in-line recovery of sprues and suitable for blow-moulding products.
The low speed allows a minimum noise and dust level. 

Shredders and granulators

GV 230/480 – 300/480

Thick sheet metal grinders for the recovery of sprues, parts or production waste, injection moulding machines or extruders or blow-moulding machines.

The rotor chamber and the loading hopper are soundproof.
They are equipped with blower and cyclone as standard.
Possibility to add as optional the dust separation system. 

Shredders and granulators

GV 360/750 – 700/1000

Grinders in thick sheet metal structure for the recovery of pieces or production waste of medium-large dimensions.
Used for injection, extrusion and blowing.
They are equipped as standard with blower, cyclone and water cooling system for grinding chamber.

Possibility to add as optional the dust separation system. 

Shredders and granulators

GVT 520/310

Single-shaft shredder model GVT 520/310 suitable for internal recycling of small purges coming from injection or blowing processes.

The material can be grinded to reduce the volume or further processed into a granulator to be immediately reinserted into the production process. 

Shredders and granulators

GVT 800/1200

The GVT 800/1200 shredder is specifically designed to solve the problem of traditional granulators that cannot shred any type of waste material.

In fact, it allows to reduce the larger pieces in order to be able to transport them with a conveyor belt in a smaller granulator, in order to satisfy the needs of the customer regarding the size and uniformity of the ground material.
You can grind all kinds of plastic, pipes, films, paper and wood. 

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