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Mixers for plastic materials in granules

F.lli Virginio Srl manufactures pneumatic and non-pneumatic mixers for granules. It manufactures highly reliable quality machines, dedicated to the industrial processes of plastic processing, injection or extrusion, and for the food industry.

Granular mixers

MIX PL 100-200

Mixers for plastic material in granules with structure in thermoplastic resin.

Available in various colors and with a capacity of 100 kg and 200 kg. 

Granular mixers

MIX 70 – 150 – 230

Mixers for plastic granules with thick sheet metal structure.

Suitable for optimal mixing of the granules, the models have capacities from 70 kg, 150kg and 230 kg. 

Granular mixers

MIX/EX 120-200

The mixers are also available in the mixer/dryer version, which combines granule drying during the mixing process.

Can only be used with mixing function.
The barrels have a capacity of 120kg and 200 kg. 

Granular mixers


Silo mixers with thick sheet metal structure painted with self-loading hopper of the granules from the bottom.
The silo version reaches 5000 kg of capacity. 

Granular mixers


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